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Reaching Influencers in Sacramento via Mobile/Tablet
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Rating Council Lifts Lid On ‘Viewability,’ Establishes Common Online Ad Currency
Mar 31, 2014 - Media Daily News - Joe Mandese, March 31, 2014 In a move that effectively establishes “viewable” impressions as the currency for online display and video advertising, the Media Rating Council today will lift an industry moratorium on the new metric. The … Continue reading
Advertisers Blend Digital and TV for Well-Rounded Campaigns
Mar 12, 2014 - MAR 12, 2014 EMarketer TV’s vast reach is part of appeal for digital advertisers TV ad spending will grow at a fairly steady single-digit pace over the next several years. The growth rates are not exciting, but they are impressive … Continue reading
New Nielsen Data on Time-Spent in Front of Screens
Mar 6, 2014 - Screen Time: TV Time-Shifted Viewing Rises Cross-Platform by Wayne Friedman, March 4, 2014  MEDIA POST PUBLICATIONS Traditional TV consumption rose ever so slightly when looking at live and time-shifted viewing. On a monthly basis, Nielsen Cross-Platform Report for the fourth quarter … Continue reading
Mobile Video Audience Tops 100 Million In Q4, More Time On Mobile Web
Mar 6, 2014 - by Mark Walsh, March 5, 2014  MEDIA POST Consumption of mobile video in the U.S. might best be described as wide but shallow. The number of people watching video on smartphones (ages 2 and over) in the fourth quarter of 2013 … Continue reading
What will media buying look like when TV and online video converge?
Sep 11, 2012 - by Jay O’Connor, Yesterday, 1:03 PM A steady stream of recent data illustrates continued torrid growth of video advertising relative to TV advertising, the difficulty of reaching certain demographic segments (particularly younger demos) via TV as they choose to consume … Continue reading
Like Angry Birds? You’re a swing voter
Aug 10, 2012 - Like Angry Birds? You’re a swing voter. Posted by Chris Cillizza at 12:08 PM ET, 08/09/2012 Ever wonder what sites we tend to visit most frequently on the Internet — you know, the series of tubes — say about our … Continue reading
Online Video Grabs More Ad Dollars, Marketers Favor Mobile Platforms
Jun 8, 2012 - by Gavin O’Malley, By any measure, video is commanding an ever-greater share of online ad dollars. eMarketer, for one, expects video ad spending to increase by 40%, this year, to reach $3.1 billion. But, how are marketing execs allocating all … Continue reading
FCC: TV stations must post rates for campaign ads
May 1, 2012 - BETH FOUHY WASHINGTON — The Federal Communications Commission voted Friday to require broadcast TV stations to post online the advertising rates they charge political candidates and advocacy groups. The vote came despite strong opposition from many broadcasters, who have argued … Continue reading
YuMe and Nielsen Study Shows Impact of TV Plus Online Video Ads
Apr 17, 2012 - Research study shows that reach, frequency, and recall are improved with mixed approach. By Troy Dreier Posted on January 25, 2012 Online video advertising company YuMe has joined with media research and ratings company Nielsen to quantify the lift that … Continue reading

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