A Great Team

Media Experience. Product Know-How. Market Know-How.

AT C.P.M. We Bring Together Media, Political and Online Experience

We are a team of experienced senior professionals in our field. While some media buyers only have political placement experience, at CPM, we have the advantage of both commercial and political know-how honed from years of experience with all major consumer categories. This allows us to apply best-practices learned along the way to our political buys. Strategies are seamlessly executed with attention to all political compliancy and paperwork.


Fran Mclnerney has over 30 years in the media industry specializing in political advertising. She has over 24 years in the cable advertising industry and over 20 years of AAAA agency experience working with major national accounts. She functioned as a national rep for many years and is familiar with all the U.S. markets. Fran founded C.P.M. 7 years ago and has found a niche in digital advertlsing placing digital campaigns for many high-profile carnpaigns.

With a tremendous depth of rnedia/research knowledge she consults at the highest levels - from clients and rnedia directors to planners and buyers. Fran continues to successfully educate clients on the benefits of integrating new media and traditional media.