Digital Offerings / Campaign Solutions

At C.P.M. we keep our finger on the pulse of emerging technologies that can enhance a political campaign and streamline operations. Here are a few of our 2012 digital applications:

CPM Social Sentiment Reporting

A well-run campaign should monitor what the social media world is saying about their candidate or issue. SSR is a 24/7 compliment to traditional polling. It lets a campaign react quickly to what is being said and gives guidance as to what messages are most important to address in campaign messaging (print, TV, radio, online etc.) SSR is becoming very popular in the political world and our reporting dashboard gets immediate intelligence in to the field.

CPM Finance Software - Macro Bundler / Finance Micro Bundler

According to the NY Times (7/16/11), More than half a million people have donated to the president’s campaign or his joint fund since he formally entered the race in April. Obama’s 271 “bundlers” accounted for at least 40 percent of that total, according to the campaign’s estimates. (Bundlers are typically deep-pocketed supporters who tap friends and business associates to raise money for candidates.)

CPM's campaign fundraising software automates the front and back-end process of donation outreach. Import contacts, create custom email templates, create and track donations as they come in. The software comes with an easy-to-read campaign dashboard.

CPM Custom Landing Page Builder

This is a great product for campaigns of all sizes. Landing pages can take time to build and your web developer is expensive. This is a simple way to quickly get up lots of different professional-looking pages. Now it’s fast and simple to create dozens of landing pages that are 100% relevant to your different online ads. Page templates can be designed to match the look and feel of your website. Campaigns need to be able to react quickly to both positive and negative press and online is the fastest way to get up – now you can get up even faster with instant landing pages.

CPM Link Tracker – Digital Response Tracker

With our proprietary link tracking software "CPM Metrics" we can track where your website, landing page and donation traffic is coming from - be it through email, Facebook, Twitter, specific paid media sources, or even blog posts. When linked up with our donation engine, CPM Metrics can provide instant, down-to-the-penny feedback on how much every single click earns you in terms of donations for your PAC, coalition, or candidate.

CPM Facebook App - Viral/Town Hall Campaign Communication

This is a unique custom app (used successfully in the entertainment industry) to help the campaign's Facebook page get more friends and boost their viral marketing effectiveness. Campaigns can be initiated from the following – paid campaign, links on the campaign's Facebook page, email, SMS. The expanding Facebook base can then be directly targeted again for different campaigns.

CPM Branded Campaign Mobile Application

A smart phone application summarizing all major campaign components: bio page, donate and volunteer signup, local meet-up alerts, blog and press feeds.