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Media Planning

Evaluating media can be difficult and time-consuming. Should you buy radio or TV? Cable or broadcast? If you are working with a small geographic area the choices become even more limited. How much media weight should I assign my cable zones?

What about online? How soon do I need to start? What is the difference between up-funnel and down-funnel targeting? Do I need different creative? What is the difference between behavioral, attitudinal, predictive and values-based targeting? Do I need to voter file match?

We can answer all your questions and provide you with some terrific insight as to new targeting capabilities that are available in both cable and online.

Media Placement

We utilize quantitative data (audience measurement, viewership) as well as qualitative data (political views, party affiliation, lifestyles, etc.) to make sure your impressions aren’t just reaching voters - they are reaching the right voters.

We do the compliance, placement, payment, trafficking, performance reports, monitoring of sites/stations, post-buy analysis and post-buy reconciliation. We report on competitive spending and market conditions.

Our goal is make your experience easy, cost-efficient, and most importantly, effective.