YuMe and Nielsen Study Shows Impact of TV Plus Online Video Ads

Research study shows that reach, frequency, and recall are improved with mixed approach.
Posted on January 25, 2012

Online video advertising company YuMe has joined with media research and ratings company Nielsen to quantify the lift that consumer packaged goods (CPG) advertisers get when running campaigns that combine traditional television advertising with online video ads. The study found gains in reach, frequency, and recall.

YuMe used Nielsen’s TV/Internet Fusion service to track the impact of a $500,000 online video ad campaign that ran concurrently with a $2.6 million TV campaign. It found that the online ads increased reach for the targeted demographic (35- to 54-year-olds) by 7 percent. It also found that the online campaign extended the TV campaign’s reach by 6 million people in the key demographic.

The number of people seeing the campaign three or more times increased by 31 percent, the study found, when online video ads were combined with TV ads. The number of people seeing the campaign six or more times increased by 52 percent.

The study found that online video ads are more effective than TV for improving brand and message recall. Nielsen testing showed a brand recall increase of 22 percent and a message recall increase of 31 percent a day after seeing the ads.

“TV and digital ad planners can no longer operate in a vacuum in which online video advertising remains a silo apart from TV spend, because it fails to account for the fact that audiences are no longer stationary,” says Ed Haslam, vice president of marketing for YuMe. “Dual-platform campaigns offer demonstrable value and greatly outperform a TV-only campaign while improving overall cost efficiency.”

For more, download the free YuMe white paper entitled “Dual-Platform Campaigns: Using Online Video to Enhance the Reach and Performance of TV.”

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